Mirror Mirror 

The following is a spoken word poem I wrote a few months ago. 

Mirror mirror on the wall 

Will I be pretty skinny and tall

These questions are hard

But they’re ones I can’t stop asking

Tell me, how do I bask in his glory 

When I have no experience in basking

Mirror mirror on the wall 

Tell me, do you even see Christ in me at all

I try and I try but I just can’t find

The part of my heart that meets gods in a perfect line
You see I spent some years in some rough places

And when I got out everything was changing

Everything but the one thing I wanted to be different

Tell me mirror, why can’t my heart just rest in contentment 

Mirror mirror on the wall

Sometimes I feel like Adam and Eve 

Sometimes I feel like the fall

There’s an up and a down

There’s no middle ground

My God is either right here or nowhere to be found

And I know it’s not his fault

It’s mine and my mind

But it’s hard to be close to him when he’s hard to find

Mirror mirror on the wall

The Bible says to fear 

But I don’t think it meant this at all

You see it’s not fear in a powerful respectful way

It’s overwhelming fright that when I reach the end of my days

He will say depart I know you no more

Mirror, that’s the scariest thought I’ve ever had before 
Luke 7:47 her sins be they many are forgiven 

Mirror, sometimes I feel as though it’s talking about me

And other times I feel like Eve 

Knowingly partaking from a forbidden tree 
For Jesus loves me this I know 

But sometimes it’s hard to let my heart also say so. 

Mirror mirror on the wall 

I’m not perfect not at all 

I like to live in discontentment 

I struggle with letting go of my resentment 

My friends say I’m too self critical

And sometimes I forget that subtle can be beautiful.  

Mirror mirror on the wall 

What you show me makes me feel so small

How do I believe that I’ll be used in Gods plans

When I can’t look at you mirror without shaking hands

And it’s not my appearance because I know those things change

It’s that when I look at you I see a person who doesn’t use their brain
I know right from wrong my mother taught me well

But somewhere during the up and up I tripped and fell 

And my life’s been in shambles I’m still picking up pieces

Just tying to get a place where I know what I believe in
Through every moment and everyday 

My only consistent thought is I wish I’d never let myself stray 

Mirror mirror on the wall 

I realize now that I don’t need to be skinny pretty or tall

Because the One who is beauty knows everything about me and loves it all 

And no matter how many questions I’m always asking

The creator hears me and is always listening
So with this I can rest through every hurtful bitter and unhappy feeling

Because I know that my God is here through everything

So when I feel uneasy I will write on my mirror

That my creator, savior, and protector, the king of kings, is here 


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