10 Things I Wish I could Tell my 15 Year Old Self.

1) she’s not a good person for you to be friends with, and you’re going to learn that soon. But not before you get your heart broken.

2) when he tells you he loves you, don’t lie and say it back.  He doesn’t deserve to be lied to, and you don’t deserve to live in that lie.

3) eat something. Please.

4) it sucks that he’s not even in the same state for your birthday. It does. But, that is the type of anger that hurts you more than others. So move on.

5) forgive her. And forgive yourself. Because people don’t come back from the dead, and you can’t spend the rest of your life angry that you got what she didn’t.

6) just because your parents or a teacher tell you something does not mean it is fact.  Learn to question everything. Even the things that go with your gut instinct. Do research and reading. If nothing else, you know how to defend your believes when somebody wants to argue.

7) you’re 15. Sex doesn’t matter. Stop acting like your better than others just because you haven’t “done it”. You haven’t, others have.  Move on.

8) spend more times with your cousins.  Don’t wait to learn the same lesson twice.  Reach out now while you still have time to.

9) there is no reason you have to keep in touch with people who suck out your happiness.  Cut off the rotten fruits of your old friendships.

10) right now you are at a low point. You’re really not liking 15.  And I’m sorry to say it, but 16 is even worse. You’re going to need to find something to hold onto.  Something to keep going for.  You’re going to hit rock bottom, and then try to rebuild your life.  While keeping your whole struggle a secret. But you’re going to succeed. And you’re  going to create a whole new you. A you of badass haircuts, and stiletto heals, red lipstick, and leather jackets. You’re  going to become passionate in a way nobody has seen you be before. You’re going to stop holding your tongue. You’re going to learn to speak in a manor that demands others respect.  Your life is going to burn to the ground.  But your going to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.



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