Friday Night

Tonight’s Friday night.

I made it through a year without you.

It was the hardest year of my life,

But I did it.

And I learned something because of it.

But Friday nights still get to me,

Because I know that if you were still in my life,

We’d have plans together tonight.

We’d have a sleepover at your house,

Like we always did.

We’d stay up all night talking.

We’d listen to each other complain about our families.

Despite the fact that they were in the rooms next to us.

And what a pair we were,

The “golden child”, that hated her sister,

Because she wasn’t as popular as you.

And the “average girl”,

Growing up in a family full of unremarkable talent,

Just trying to find her own passion.

I made new friends this year,

But it’s not the same.

I can’t speak candidly to them,

Like I always did with you.

They don’t know what I’m going to say before I say it,

Like you always did with me.

They don’t sing the Winnie-the-pooh theme song with me at 1am,

Like we always did with each other,

Despite the fact that everybody else in the house was asleep.

My new friends don’t understand my past,

Like you always did.

They’ve never seen the house I grew up in,

You helped me pack it up to move.

I love them,

And they are good people,

But you were family,

You were my extra sister,

And my new friends and I aren’t that close.

I kinda doubt we ever will be.

In the past year,

I’ve grown as a person.

I’ve changed,

I stopped letting others dictate my choices.

I started doing what I like.

I got another piercing,

I cut 2 feet off my hair,

I stopped taking Spanish.

I’ve had a good year,

But it’s been hard.

And Friday nights are always the hardest.


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